Reaching the ball

Are your arms long enough to become an NFL Player?

You might think that these things are unimportant compared with the talent and athleticism needed to become a professional football player. In fact, it would be very difficult to throw, catch, control the ball, block or tackle with small hands and short arms. So, in terms of football, size does matter.

Arm Length Facts:

  • Longest NFL Player: 36.75″ OT Ryan Clady
  • Average Wide Receiver*: 32.2″
  • Average Quaterback*: 32.14″
  • Average Offensive Tackle*: 34.25″
  • Average Joe: 25.0″

 Would you be ready to get on the field?

How to measure your Arm Length: Measurement is made from the acromiale (lateral edge of the acromion process, e.g. bony tip of shoulder) to the tip of the little finger. Click for more details.


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