Score and win rewards and recognition with every correct prediction.


How many matches are being broadcasted by PlayerKing?

PlayerKing broadcasts 4 matches every week along regular season, and 2 matches for every round in postseason. We also ask our users to cover other matches.

What if I found an error in the app or a play result in the game doesn’t match with the actual one?

Please accept our apologies if any feature is failing. We will really appreciate if you contact us at with the error so we can follow up and fix it. Once the play is completed, the system goes through the actual results and adjusts the scores.

How much it cost to play PlayerKing?

Initially, PlayerKing is free to download and play!

How do I know what is my position in the ran-King ?

PlayerKing deals with different ran-King boards.
1. Global season ran-King: Match, Week, Regular, Postseason, Season.
2. My social network, between your friends and specific groups you belong to.

What can I predict in PlayerKing?

PlayerKing allows you to predict every single play in real time, including the number of yards to gain.

How can I create or belong to groups?

Once you are logged onto PlayerKing with your Facebook account, you can simply tab on “Groups” option and send request to your friends. Or, request access to the “Groups” that are created and listed already.

What other sports are being broadcasted by PlayerKing?

PlayerKing is currently broadcasting only football.